“The Dot Printer, Inc. was established in 1980 to provide an Orange County source for high-quality lithography in the expanding Southern California market. The company targeted producing award-winning quality products for demanding clients by focusing on the reproduction of the litho dot which became the genesis of the name The Dot Printer. Today our product line has been expanded to include many additional marketing and graphic services and the name has been shortened to The Dot Corp to reflect our broader offerings. The company has always differentiated itself through technology, an entrepreneurial spirit and a clear focus on the unique needs of the customer.”


These five pillars are more than just turnkey solutions. It’s our ability to problem solve that’s become our hallmark. We have seasoned, knowledgeable and passionate experts who have deep experience across all business channels—from concept to execution. Because the way we see it, once you connect, anything is possible


Our Core Values are the foundation of our company; they are the building blocks on which our company was established and they remain the defining principles by which we conduct our business today. These values define the culture of our organization and the standards by which we measure both our individual and corporate results.


Quality is a value reflected in everything we do. It encompasses hiring practices, training programs, establishing procedures, maintaining equipment, housekeeping, and communicating expectations. It is the criteria by which all projects are judged. Quality is measured by growth and consistently meeting client’s expectations.


Service is defined as the whole experience of interacting with our company. It is providing the client with a user friendly environment where emphasis is placed on the whole process, not just the results. People are empowered and trained to use whatever business resources necessary to exceed client expectations. Service has a beginning, but not an end. It is measured by repeat business.


Integrity is doing what is right and can be defended without a legal system. It is making decisions which stand the test of time and the respect of clients, peers and subordinates. It means answering to someone bigger than the system. It is measured by how we sleep at night.


Partnering is building a team where sum results are greater than the individual efforts. It means seeking and using the knowledge of others to achieve superior results. Partnering means knowing our client’s business. It means proactively solving problems and offering new ideas for better ways to get results. It is measured by trust, laughter and over achievement.


Open environment means operating in a culture which provides the freedom to be honest, to share and to take risks. It means saving time by telling the truth, being open about whom you are and living in a fish bowl. It is not about fancy offices or titles. It is measured by turnover and efficiency rates.