Data Processing

NCOA – OnDemand Processing, 48 Month
Custom Selects, Appends, Reports, Custom Programming, Etc.
IBM RS6000 P720 UNIX Server, 1.1 TB Disk Storage, 8GB of memory
IBM RS6000 F80 UNIX Server, 400GB Disk Storage, 2 GB of memory (backup unit)
First Logic Postal Processing Software- List Conversion, CASS, Merge/Purge, Postal Sort and Label Studio


1) Kodak Versamark Dual Head 5240 Inkjet
1) Kodak Versamark 5240 Inkjet
1) Rena Dual Head HP Based Inkjet
*Kodak Inkjets can run as a 3 head unit (3 total inches of moveable print area)


2) Oce 4120 High Speed Sheet Lasers
1) Xerox Nuvera 144 High Speed Sheet Laser
1) Konica Minolta 1200P High Speed Sheet Laser
Full Color Digital Laser at The Dot Printer


1) MBO Continuous Feed Folder with Right Angle
1) GBR Multi-Page Collator/Folder
1) Baum Pile Feed Folder with Right Angle
*Additional Bindery Capability at The Dot Printer


Custom Assembly
Offline Metering with PB Automated Smart Meter


2) Bell & Howell Mailstar 400 Six Station Inserters with Friction Feed
1) Mailcrafter Six Station Inserter with Attached Collator Folder
1) Bell & Howell Mailstar 400 Four Station Inserter


2) Kirk Rudy Tabbers
1) Rena Tabber