The Dot Has Completed the Acquisition of “Life as RX”

May 28, 2015 Melissa May 2

May 28, 2015     The Dot Corp today announced the acquisition of Life as RX.  Life as Rx is an electronic retailer specializing in Crossfit apparel.  Crossfit is a rapidly growing core training and conditioning program being adapted by many as a way to develop their bodies to achieve maximum efficiency.  Crossfit is also a term used to define the community of individuals who participate in Crossfit training.  This is a strong community with a strong focus on authentic brands.  Life as Rx is a well-established brand in this community.

This acquisition by The Dot Corp is further evidence of our strategy to grow our business in areas involving e-commerce  in both the “B to B” and “B to C” space.  This acquisition fits well with our previous investment in eSquared a fulfillment and distribution company focused on the action sports industry.