Government Compliance: Adaptability and Flexibility Necessary

December 12, 2014 0 Comments Melissa May 0

The Dot is no stranger to government compliance when it comes to its clients. One long-term client, a credit card lending company, faced a challenging project that required all of its consumers be notified of new changes in a short period of time, specifically a two-week window.

Speed, flexibility and a commitment to excellence became important factors in tackling the project.

The client’s goal required all of their collateral marketing material printed and shipped to their mail house. In addition, the client needed to have the product shipped to their fulfillment house in Ohio at the same time. The logistics on the project were overwhelming with many factors working against a successful completion. All of these tasks were under the short timetable of two weeks.

The client’s project required dealing with quantities in the millions and were beset the usual issues afflicting any print project including changes being made daily to content and artwork.  Other factors impacted the project including a lack of agency assistance for print production help and the press run restricted by daytime hours of operations. .

These issues were magnified by the short two week window which required The Dot to institute a number of actions in order to streamline and more effectively tackle the project. Adaptability became the focus of the project. The Dot instituted 24-hour work shifts (including weekends) to meet the schedule.  The benefits of its in-house technology and expertise allowed The Dot to utilizing every piece of equipment within the plant. The mantra of the staff became “getting more done in a shorter amount of time.”

Thanks the Dot’s history, the client was never worried.

As expected, the project was completed and delivered to each location – and on time!


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