New addition to Dot Direct Mail!

October 19, 2017 0 Comments JTAdmin 23

Recently, the Dot Direct Mail has acquired a new piece of machinery called the Canon Océ VarioStream 7650 Twin which will be housed in our Standard building in Santa Ana. Dot Direct is one of our 5 major departments that provide our clients for their direct mail needs.


These new machines were installed during the Dot’s restructuring plan and is now serving as an invaluable asset to the Dot Direct department.These laser printers have increased our turnaround rate of our direct mail projects that involve digital printing. Each machine itself runs at a speed of 635 letter size pages per minute. That is roughly 38,100 pages an hour.With the two printers combined, would allow us to produce roughly 76,200 pages an hour. These two printers are equipped to mainly handle larger digital print orders of 50,000 or up. Being a digital printer, these printers can also accommodate for variable data such as different names, address, and personal messages which have been what has set it apart from the older Litho printer method or printing. In terms of dimensions, the printer can print images up to 28 inches long.


We are very excited to have this printer housed in our Direct Mail department and look forward to utilizing its full capabilities in the coming projects.




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