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October 25, 2016 Vincent Tran 0


In today’s society, many businesses have moved towards the digital marketing strategy even abandoning some of their former marketing efforts such as direct mail and onsite promotions such as tradeshows. This sudden surge in digital marketing is due in part that it is technically cheaper to market online and there are an every growing presence of online users. Though the switch may seem obvious at first, it does not take into account how competitive digital marketing has become.

How often do you read advertisement emails?

I for one wouldn’t.

But this is not to say that companies should not use digital marketing. It is actually very important to be in the digital marketing game to compete with your competitors. But, how to differentiate your marketing strategy from others is by implementing a physical marketing campaign that coexists, better yet synchronizes, with your digital campaign. Studies have found that physical marketing such as coupons, direct mail, and trade shows are still very much effective and with more companies switching to digital, that mail box gets thinner and thinner every year leaving you with the opportunity stand out for your marketing materials to be more noticeable.

In the past month, we discussed some tips and uses of printing for marketing purposes. However, in this article we will take it one step further with integrating print with another industry, the fulfillment industry. First, let’s look into how printing has evolved since the digital boom.

In the past, printing services have been used by many businesses and organizations both internally and externally. Internally, these mass print jobs would involve reports, announcements, and general office documents. This was prior to the rise of emails. Since then, this area has eroded since a large portion of this particular areas has been substituted for other digital channels such as email due to its lower cost and its ability to eliminate storage of outdated or redundant materials. However, mass printing of physical copies of certain documents are still required in the work from time to time.

For marketing purposes, aside from television and radio, printing and direct mail were primarily used as a means to advertise. As we discussed earlier, the digital boom has led to the decline of this practice. But this makes it far from obsolete. According to the Direct Marketing News, 70%to 80% of all consumers open their mail, even the ones they consider junk, as oppose to junk or spam email that are easily ignored.

Again, this is not to say that digital marketing is invalid, on the contrary businesses that have found the right balance of both worlds have seen success in their marketing strategy. For example, incorporating your direct mail advertisements to lead consumers to websites via QR codes or app promos utilizes both types of marketing areas. According to USPS study, more than over 60% of consumers that have received direct mail advertisements were influences to visit there advertisers website drawing in many first-time visitors.

But what would it take for my company to reincorporate (or in some case introduce) direct mail into your current digital campaign? First, it is important to take a step back from the details determine the big picture of what you are trying to do with your marketing efforts? Brand building? Selling a new product? Once the big picture is defined, then you can focus on the details.

Most companies focus on their core values. Your company may not want to spend the extra resources, training, and hiring of personnel for printing and distributing these direct mail articles. As such, one would go to a printing company for these projects. But the next question you would ask is how to distribute these items to your target audience or your many branches of your organization. If not careful, you will end up with boxes of printed material that you can’t use because it’s out dates.

This is why the solution to this would be to find a company that can print and distribute your direct mail items. Certain Fulfillment companies actually provide printing services supporting their clients businesses in multiple facets beyond just fulfilling or just printing. These hybrid forms of businesses have developed due to the need of differentiation amongst their competitors.

Regardless if the company seems like just a printing or a just a fulfillment company, it is always advised to ask if they provide additional value-adding services that would less the burden on your company on their supplementary functions such as printing, distributing, and kitting in order to focus on your company’s core values and functions.


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