Sheet-Fed Offset Printing-is a method in which individual pages of paper are fed into the machine. 

Web Offset Printing– is a continuous roll of paper fed through the printing press.

Inkjet Printer-is a computer peripheral that produces hard copy by spraying ink into paper.

Laser Printer-is a popular type of personal computer printer that uses a non-impact.

Digital Printing-is the process of transferring a document on a personal computer or other digital storage.

Business to Business (B2B)- is transactions between two businesses where both buyer and seller are business owners. Buyers purchase products in large quantities to satisfy the demands of their local consumers.

Business to Consumer (B2C)- is transactions between a business and end-user/local consumers.

NDC– Network Distribution Centers

SCF Drop Shipping– Sectional Central Facilities

FSC– Forest Stewardship Council/Certificate

POD-Print on Demand