Questions and Answers

September 13, 2017 Vincent Tran 21

Below are questions we often receive from our clients on a daily or weekly basis. This list will gradually grow the more questions we receive. If you have any questions about the industry or about our services, we can add those inquiries on this list in order to help others understand our industry and our company.


Digital Solutions QnA

What data formats do you accept?

We accept data in many formats. Typical formats include text, csv, excel, xml, and json. Any format that is not on this list we can accommodate.


What type of technology are you using?

We use Microsoft technologies as the backbone for most of our systems. From our development to our hosting, and everything in between. Including utilizing other third-party technologies mixed with some self-grown experiments that make up our sweet sauce.


We have our own website can we integrate with your system workflows?

Absolutely. In the absence of you have a system we can build it but if you already have a system and you like it – well if it ain’t broke why fix it. We will work with it.


What payment gateways do you integrate with?, e-merchant solutions, paypal, and stripe to name a few, however, we can integrate with most payment providers out there. Challenge us!


Fulfillment QnA

Who do I talk to about my fulfillment jobs?

Communication is the key to success. In most firms, you will start with the Account Executive. This will be a key person to help introduce you to the operations and support team in the fulfillment center. Typically once you have fundamentally agreed to price and terms, and you have toured the facility you want to have an in-depth meeting with the team that will execute. This will be your Account Manager (daily contact) and ideally a leader in the business (GM or President). It is key to work through the details of your project with the folks that will execute it and the team that sets policies in the operation.


What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the practice in which the retail company does not hold any stock but instead spends more of their time managing the flow of information and facilitating the transaction between the customer and the manufacturer/fulfillment company.

Pros: As a manufacturer, you can get access to orders for your products and allows you to take on more sales channels with low risk

Cons: Margins are usually very tight and fulfillment must be done in a very short period of time.


How quickly can you ship the orders?

The simple answer is it depends, but here are some good guidelines are broken down by order type that can help:

  • E-commerce orders ship in 24 hours with a significant percentage of the orders leaving same day if submitted by 10 AM.
  • Retail / Wholesale / B-2-B orders ship in 48 hours with most leaving in 24.
  • Orders requiring Value Added Services (polybagging, tagging, custom labeling) usually add 24 hours to the above, depending on the scope of the task(s).
  • Orders with Print on Demand (POD) literature or garments and/or Kit on Demand (KOD) typically adds 24 hours to the above.


Outside from the usual orders, is it possible for me to make special orders for sales and events?

Yes, this is very common. We have a handful of tools to make this easy. They include online e-workflows that allow you to manually build orders to integrated solutions that allow our systems to connect directly to our client’s internal processes.


Do I need a pre-existing web store before contacting your business for fulfillment?

No. We help you find the best e-workflow solution. We have our own in-house web application and we support a number of major platforms like Shopify, Magento WooCommerce


Updated 2/20/2018